Une âme solitaire

I’m Helle, a 21 year old Swedish art student, vintage lover and a feminist.

I Love black and white photography, beauty mixed with obscurity, tattoos, seamed stockings, morbidity, nudes, art, pinups, lingerie, femme fatales, ancient eras, red lipstick, old movies, Anita Ekberg, David Lynch, surrealism, the 1940s, Haruki Murakami, horror movies, classic literature, burlesque, independent women, the 1950s, Hedy Lamarr, naughty girls, jazz, soul, blues, Sons of anarchy, Brigitte Bardot and history.

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Elizabeth Lyska, giantess - 1889 


Elizabeth Lyska, giantess - 1889 

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Shirley Jones doing her best to seduce  Burt Lancaster from their film Elmer Gantry

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